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Meet the Organizer

Hi, my name is Misty and I would like to tell you a bit about myself.  I am married, have children and a two rescue dogs.  I love to travel, ride motorcycles, host large family events and a former Girl Scout Leader.  I have always been organized and fascinated with creating spaces that feel good and are highly functional.  I promise to not judge and to always keep your best interests in mind.  I have a knack for breaking large cumbersome projects down into simpler manageable tasks, all the while making the experience fun. 


I help individuals and families create more peaceful and well thought-out environments.  From paperwork to garages to schedules, I help folks sift through the chaos, creating balanced and healthy surroundings. 


Why do I do this?  Well, I like helping people.  Many people lead such busy lives that their home is no longer a retreat and their office is not the most productive.  Simple acts like cooking dinner at home become difficult due to clutter and disorganization.  I am a creative person that can quickly identify where small changes, elimination, or reorganization can make significant improvements in a person’s everyday life.  I have a good eye for aesthetics, functionality, and balance.  I can help restore order to any situation.


For years I have worked as a Project Manager and have developed strategies proven to increase efficiency and decrease stress.  I don’t believe in working 50 hour weeks when the job could really be accomplished in 40.  I can show you tips and tricks in reclaiming your personal time.

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